Malta | Cycle ride & boat watching

I’ll admit that it was my bright idea to hire bikes over the Easter weekend and cycle around Malta – I mean compared to Switzerland it’s really flat! However, I had failed to note that the last time I was actually on a bike was probably about a decade ago. Starting off in the busy streets of Buggiba with the slightly mad Maltese drivers was a little hair raising but, after only getting slightly lost, we made it onto the country roads and I started to work on getting on and off the bike without injuring myself!

Once on the top of the little hill we had to climb to reach Mgarr, the scenery was stunning. We were fortunate to have the best weather of the week and the sky was really as blue as it looks! We headed around, trying to follow the map we had photographed in the hire shop, and finally made our way to Rabat and Mdina, the old centre of Malta. The beautiful old streets were stunning but if I’m honest my final destination was always the Fontanella tea shop – recommended by our hosts and serving a well-deserved cuppa and carrot cake!

On Easter Sunday we were due to go for another cycle to the north of the island but, and this is the story I am sticking to, it was pouring with rain in the morning so we took the bikes back and had breakfast. When the sun then came out we decided to walk along the coast and ended up as close to St. Paul’s island as we could get. It was the perfect spot for a Creme Egg or two.

For our last afternoon we engaged in another favourite holiday past time of ours – when we’re not building and renovating houses in our imagination! – yog’oling. Aka. ogling yachts and renovating them, imagining holidays where we can sail away! Msida was perfect spot dreaming of sailing around in the sunshine!

F i n d
C o n n e c t
M o r e   p o s t s