Emma Godfrey

Exotic wedding | Geneva


Life throws all sorts of complicated problems at us, you have to wonder sometimes whether the tests will ever end. Yet every now and then we connect with a curve ball and the lightening surprises us with the person who completes us. Poé and Uliamu’s church ceremony was beautiful. Filled with friends and family, with music and words of great wisdom it was impossible not to feel the emotion in the little chapel of the Institut Biblique de Genève.
It doesn’t matter how many weddings I go to, when someone talks about what marriage really means, my ears always pick up. It’s easy to love when life is going well, when romance is flowing; it’s important to keep loving when life gets hard – that is what marriage is about. It’s not a piece of paper or a change of name: it’s the security and the promise to always be there, no matter what.

A day of true joy with friends and family flying in from Tahiti and Futuna, Poé and Uliamu’s celebration was a feast of gorgeous details. With homemade pink pompoms, shells and a gorgeous array of flowers – even some to tuck behind our ears at dinner time in true island style! The guests were treated to traditional dancing from both Tahiti and Futuna, and delicious delicacies from home too.

Poé and Uliamu, I’m so happy that you chose me to document your wedding day. It’s been lovely getting to know you and I wish you a long and very happy life together.

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