Emma Godfrey


One of the things I promised myself this year was to post more of my “art” photos, the ones that normally sit on my hard drive while I get on with other work. So I’ve been setting up a 500px account and am slowly working my way back through my images to find ones that define my personal way of looking at the world. These are a series of shots I took while I was trying to explain some simple lighting ideas to a photography student of mine. It’s a plant that unfortunately didn’t make it through our three week trip to Nepal but I loved looking at it (and will have to try to find out what it was!). Every angle gave you something different to see. While we were shooting it I under-exposed by accident and thought at the time that it looked like an old Dutch masters oil painting. The idea kept coming back to me until I finally edited these shots to what I saw in my head on that day.

These images are not watermarked so as not to spoil their effect. They are protected by copyright, please do not take without asking and crediting.

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