Emma Godfrey

Swiss civil wedding in Morges


It was a blustery May Monday with the bise (Swiss north wind) whirling around us but nothing was going to curb Müge and Paul’s enthusiasm for their intimate civil wedding ceremony in Morges. As we walked down to the lake, Paul told me that they had wanted to keep the first part of their wedding low-key but both of their parents had insisted on coming, then Müge wanted everything documented by a professional photographer and now… cue pink and white balloons tugging at their strings.

Nervous with excitement we started with a little reportage photography at the couple’s home, chatting about Eurovision and Müge insisting it was time to leave every few minutes. Our little group walked down through the back streets of Morges, balloons in hand, to the Hôtel du Ville. The temporary room looked a little bare so we decorated it with balloons while we waited for the celebrant to arrive.

The ceremony was short and sweet with no loss of emotion for the happy couple and their family. Back out into the wind, we headed down to the lake for some group shots. One of the things that Swiss photographers are always asked is for group shots by the lake. Depending on the sun and the time of day the different factors normally make it impossible to get flattering shots on the north side of Lake Geneva, but for Müge and Paul we had a rare moment of luck: cloudy skies and the sun behind. We managed to get some lovely group shots with the lake and mountains in the background – and didn’t lose any balloons!

After warming up with a glass of champagne at the Hôtel du Mont-Blanc, we took some couple shots in the Parc de l’Indépendance with the last of the spring flowers before heading back to the hotel for lunch.

Müge and Paul, all the best for your ‘big’ wedding in Istanbul and a long life together.

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