Emma Godfrey

Mark & Renata | Heron’s Farm Barn Wedding


A great love story always differs depending on who you talk to but one thing was for certain, if Renata hadn’t taken charge my little brother might still be looking for the love of his life! It’s always more challenging to be a wedding photographer for family and friends because you are torn between enjoying the day and trying to document every moment. With these two however, it was easy to capture the adoring looks and the many, many laughs.

Mark and Renata had decided to have a small DIY barn wedding at Heron’s Farm, Pangbourne and official wedding duty started with a crash course in floristry the day before as we prepared the arrangements for the tables. Things might have gone a little easier if muggins hadn’t decided that berberis was super pretty – complete with very sharp thorns – and that wild thistles were essential for a little bit of Scotland to be included! Doing their own wedding flowers was hard work but good fun and definitely worth it for the budget conscious. We ordered the essentials from an online wholesaler and then foraged for greenery in the local copse and dad’s garden. Renata proved to be a dab hand at bouquets and boutonnières, and not only did they look gorgeous they lasted better than some of the professional ones I’ve photographed.

The morning of the wedding was relaxed for the ladies while the groom tried not to get too nervous. I blame myself for the showers as it started raining just as I was thinking that they needed some rain for good luck but nothing dampened spirits. The ceremony was lovely and personal with readings and songs from friends and family, and some definitely non-ninja moves from the photographer in the bright orange dress!

Pimm’s in hand we managed to just about get every member of the Godfrey family looking at the camera at one point or another before having a wander around the farm in search of Renata’s beloved cows. The cow theme continued into the wedding breakfast with each table a different exotic breed.

A quick change of plan allowed us to calm the groom’s nerves with speeches before dinner – definitely recommended if you’re not normally a public speaker – and then everyone could enjoy the wonderful barbecue in the sunshine. After cake cutting – made by the multi-talented bride – the live band got the party started and we slipped off for some sunset shots before heading back to dance the night away.

Dear little bro and my new sister, congratulations on a wonderful wedding, may you have a long life together filled with children, animals and lots and lots of laughter.

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