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We’d planned our half term getaway to Thailand before we knew that my brother and new sister-in-law were going to have a baby and so when the due date was right in the middle of our time away I started hoping that he might be late – poor Renata! But it was so nice to be able to see little Tommy in those first two weeks. It’s such a special time and perfect for newborn photography.
So just a couple of days after getting back I was on a plane again heading home to Reading to meet my little nephew. He was worth every squished, smelly minute on Easyjet!

I normally spend a couple of hours with a family during their newborn session and come back with so many photos, so you can imagine how much modelling little Tommy did. When I first started doing newborn photography I focused a lot on portraits and outfits but the more sessions I did, the more I found myself drawn to those moments when mum looks at baby or baby gazes at his daddy and they connect in a way that is special just to them. And so these are the images I love the most: Mark making faces and then Tommy suddenly imitating him; Renata cuddling up close, not wanting to let go and her little boy just relaxing into her arms. Among the sleepless nights – and boy did he test his parents in their first few weeks – these are the moments that they want to remember. These are the moments that they feel but that I can capture so that in twenty years time they can look back and smile.

Let me introduce to you, my little nephew: Thomas (Tommy) Richard Godfrey, born on the 25th October 2014 at 12:19, weighing 7.5lbs and measuring 50cm.

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