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Twins baby photography | 2 weeks old


Double the joy

I arrived at Emilie and Victor’s home for their twins baby photography session, on a cold morning that promised to snow. Their newborn baby girls were only two weeks old and still so tiny and sleepy, I wanted to just cuddle them. So far they had been perfect little angels for their parents and we were able to get some wonderful images of the four of them for their Storybook album.

Baby girl portraits

I started with some portraits of the baby girls alone, each with her own blanket and teddy, before arranging them together as they kindly slept through our gentle posing. Try as I might however, we couldn’t quite convince them to curl up together or hold hands; they were very independent, even at only two weeks old.

Family lifestyle portraits

The next step in my newborn photography sessions is always my favourite: the family lifestyle portraits. I love to capture families naturally interacting together and, although there is some posing and placing involved, this simple, home life style is for me what makes the best memories. With two adorable little girls to cuddle there were plenty of opportunities to capture the love and emotion of new parents, as well as a few shots of the challenges of coping with two babies at once.

Colourful nursery style

Emilie’s stylish, home crafted nursery was a joy to shoot in. I especially loved her colourful mobile and artwork. A well thought out space for their two daughters, there was space for changing, feeding and napping, and each twin had her own cot and toys to match her own style.

I left the little family to enjoy the warmth together and ventured out into the snow for my first time driving in the Swiss snow! Thankfully, it was snowing in the (flat) valley and not in the mountains and I made it home before it caught up with me.

Baby Storybook photo album

It was a great joy to put together Emilie and Victor’s Storybook album with their maternity and newborn baby photo shoots combined. I can’t wait for them to receive their final product and to share it with you.

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