Emma Godfrey

Magnolia Maternity Shoot


A spring maternity shoot

It was a beautiful end of spring evening when I met up with Laurie and Brian for a magnolia maternity shoot. The plan was to shoot some natural maternity photos on the lakeside, trying to catch some of the snowcapped mountains in the background. Then we would head into one of Lausanne’s beautiful parks to find the magnolia trees and some other spring flowers. Laurie was keen to order a cluster of canvases for the nursery wall so we were also looking for colours that went together well and things that we could reuse during her newborn photo shoot.

The magnolia

Spring came quite early in Switzerland this year and many of the early flowers were already passed their best. There was a chance we might have missed the short-flowering magnolia. The wonderful big pink and white flowers made for a perfect backdrop for capturing a slightly girly maternity shoot. The arching branches of the tree we found also gave some lovely ways to frame Laurie and her bump. In the end, we were extremely lucky, catching one of the last days that the magnolia bloomed. As well as the magnolia, we made good use of a weeping willow to get some wonderful memories of this special moment for them and their families back in Canada.

Capturing something special

Every time I photograph a maternity session, I try to capture something special for mum to remember her pregnancy. Laurie’s little one was moving about a lot during the shoot and it gave me the opportunity to capture the moment. One of my favourite images captures the moment when Laurie gasps at a little kick from inside, and in the background the sun sets low on Lake Geneva. My other favourite from this magnolia maternity shoot is a tranquil moment under the weeping willow, with the water lapping gently below and mum sitting quietly enjoying the peace.

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