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Lakeside 6 month baby shoot | Winston


Family portraits in Switzerland

The clouds were starting to clear up in the mountains when I left for Winston’s 6 month baby shoot down in Lausanne. By the lake the weather was still making up its mind but despite the clouds it was mild and there were few people around for our morning shoot.

We started with some family portraits with the lake and mountains in the background. I always try to shoot some classical family portraits in among the more interactive lifestyle pictures as these can make great canvas prints and are often appreciated by grandparents.

The 6 month baby shoot

As always, Vanessa and her family seemed to be perfectly styled to the background with the yellows and blues also echoing back to her maternity and newborn shoots. I moved in closer to capture little Winston’s lovely smile and some good attempts at standing. At about 6-7 months is a great time to schedule a baby shoot. Babies at this age have changed so much from those first few weeks and are smiling and interacting properly with their parents.

Lifestyle baby ideas

Further down the lake, we picked a spot with a tiny little beach to set up some lifestyle portraits. At this age a small location is perfect as a 6 month baby cannot move very far and, in general, it is easier for us to bring entertainment to him than to try to relocate constantly. Propped up a little by teddy, Vanessa and Paolo suggested some of their favourite family activities to capture: reading, tummy time, singing, standing and being thrown in the air. Winston just smiled through the whole shoot and was such a pleasure to photograph. We ended the shoot with a few shots in the playground and Winston enjoying the slide.

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