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3 months baby Noah


Baby photos at home

I offer a bump to baby collection with the possibility to schedule photo shoots throughout your baby’s first year. Sometimes, however, those first few weeks are such a blur that the window for newborn photos has passed in the blink of an eye. With an increasing number of mums contacting me too late for newborn sessions, I have been suggesting 3 month baby photos. Newborn images are best taken within the first two weeks after birth. This is when your baby is sleepiest and can cope better with a portrait session. The later the shoot, the more disruptive to your baby’s routine. By 3 months, your baby has settled into a routine and is starting to react and interact with the world.

Baby at 3 months

Every baby is different, developing at their own pace, but at 3 months they will be smiling and laughing with their parents. They can hold their head more easily and can take a supported sitting position – giving lots of opportunities for great photos. Most of my 3 months baby photo sessions have taken place indoors but with little Noah we were lucky to have gorgeous weather and lovely light on the apartment’s balcony. I always prefer to get outside if we can. Babies of all ages love to look at the world around them and there are so many distractions outdoors that we get some wonderful expressions.

Spending time with mum and dad

Noah was such a happy little man, he was a joy to photograph. It was clear that he loved spending time with his mum and dad. Dad David was king of making his son laugh and most of the time I had no idea what was going on behind my head! Colours, sounds and textures are really interesting to 3-month olds, so Tania had a Mickey Mouse balloon that Noah loved to play with. We also had a sing-a-long and a few games of peek-a-boo. It was lovely to be able to capture a family growing together and enjoying their time teaching and learning.

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