Emma Godfrey

Birthday party photography


Little Cookie Monster

For Winston’s final baby photo shoot mum and dad put together a Cookie Monster themed birthday party. We scheduled some time before the birthday party photography to capture the family together. It was lovely to see Winston playing with his toys, knocking over blocks and riding his rocking horse. Tottering about, he loved playing with the balloons, taking great care to find the tie and hold on before shaking it around then letting go! He was definitely ready for some cookies by the time we had finished playing and the guests started arriving.

Planning birthday party photography

Vanessa had thought about some lovely details for Winston’s birthday party photography session. A gorgeous Cookie Monster cake, cupcakes and cookies – of course – as well as banners and balloons. These extra details help create great backgrounds for portraits and atmospheric spreads in your album. For a more relaxed experience, schedule your shoot for a different day to the actual birthday party and consider only including immediate family.

Indoor Winter Shoots

It was a very dark, rainy November day for Winston’s birthday party photography. As the date was fixed on his first birthday we had to make the most of the conditions. This meant using flash to light the portraits. The majority of my images are shot in natural light because I like to capture candid moments, and it’s so much harder to be relaxed with a lot of equipment around you! I also prefer not to use strobes around babies and children as they can be much more sensitive to the light from a flash. I always recommend that clients take a look at the difference in style that the flash gives before deciding on an indoor shoot, it is different to the majority of the images on my site. If possible the best option is to combine some outdoor shots with time inside when planning a winter photo shoot.

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