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Ring Blessing Geneva


Giving photography

Ana-Maria and Karl were gifted a short wedding session by their friend Magdalina. There was so much going on in their busy lives at this moment that she also gave them a maternity and newborn session so that they would always have wonderful memories of this special time.

For each part of our time together they were a joy to work with. Often with gifted photography there is a risk that the recipients of the gift are not as invested as the person who gave the sessions. Ana-Maria had read all the information I gave her. They had thought carefully about the types of images that they wanted and how to have them displayed afterwards. She had taken time out of work, pregnancy and moving house to look at my style and ask questions. All of this meant that they enjoyed our sessions and went away with a gorgeous canvas collage for their baby’s nursery.

My advice for anyone thinking about giving photography to friends or family is to always discuss the idea first. Tell your friend why you want to give them this gift. Share your ideas about what they will get at the end of the sessions. If they have never considered professional photography it can see like a strange idea to have a stranger come and take pictures of special moments in your life. Always encourage them to get in touch with me and ask questions. If they share your excitement then it is the right gift to give!

A Ring Blessing

In addition to their official Swiss civil wedding, Ana-Maria and Karl decided to have a engagement ceremony and ring blessing. Their full religious ceremony will follow next year. I met up with them and their close family at the St John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Grand-Lancy. I had never experienced the engagement ceremony before. It was a wonderful blend of French and Romanian where the celebrant blessed each of their rings which were then exchanged with the help and blessing of their witnesses. It was an incredibly beautiful ceremony, especially to witness the love and support that the couple had from their friends and family.

Afterwards we managed to capture a few couple and group shots in front of the colourful Grand-Lancy court house before they headed out to celebrate dinner in Geneva.

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