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Baby portraits – Henry at one year


First steps

One of the most wonderful things about booking baby photo shoots over the course of a year is that I get to see tiny babies turn into ‘real’ people! Depending on how we schedule the last session of my “Baby’s first year” photo shoots, your child might be just beginning to stand or running around. Little Henry was just beginning to take his first steps unaided, happiest when he could grab hold of mum Stéphanie’s fingers. I caught up with the two of them just before Henry’s first birthday celebrations.

Woodland portraits

As usual Stéphanie had planned and designed the most beautiful birthday party, this time themed with woodland animals. The little refuge she had hired in the beech forest near Gland was a perfect setting and we took advantage of a few quiet moments to get some one-year old portraits of Henry before everyone arrived.
It was early afternoon in December so the light was beautifully soft through the trees. This time of year can be tricky for children’s portraits because of the short, cold days, but Henry was well wrapped up and  happy to be allowed to stomp in the mud.

Portrait with bunny

My favourite shots of this photo shoot have to be Henry with his toy rabbit. Looking out at the camera, and mum just beside me, he looks so content, his blue eyes shining, that I think this set of photos will be cherished for a very long time. I love the idea that I can give families some really professional photos of their children, something that will go on a wall or in an album and allow them to relive a time in their lives over and over.

As the light started fading we headed back indoors to the party and to sample some of the amazing baking. My ‘small’ tiramisu was a true Italian portion but it was incredibly tasty! More pics of the wonderful woodland animal birthday party details to follow.

If you would like to book a children’s portrait shoot or a series of shoots over the course of a year, please get in touch for more information.  


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