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Fine Art Landscape Photography

I am really happy to announce the launch of my online print shop offering collectible limited edition prints in a range of prices for all budgets. Following my exhibitions at the Galerie Alpine in Villars-sur-Ollon I will be focusing on landscape and nature images from my archive, especially the alpine landscapes of Villars and Gryon. In time I hope to include series from Rwanda, Thailand, Nepal and the UK as well as some of my contemporary works currently featured on LensCulture.

What is a Fine Art Print?

A normal photographic print is on glossy or matte photo paper. Depending on the quality it can last a year to maybe twenty or thirty. A normal print looks like any other print you’ve seen. A “fine art” print is something else. The quality of the printing, the pigment inks and the paper creates a very special version of the image. Everything seems to be more detailed, the colours have more depth and black and whites look like velvet. More importantly these are archive quality prints, designed to last and look their best for a long time.

My prints are only available in limited editions of between 2 and 50. This means that once I have printed the full edition, that image will never be printed again. It means that your print could be worth more as a collectible item.

Each print is signed and the title and edition number written in by me, the photographer and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. As well as purchasing direct from my print shop, you can also buy or order from the Galerie Alpine until July 2017 or from SaatchiArt.

New works and ideas in progress

For an idea of some of the things I am working on at the moment, check out my instagram. All the images are available as prints, just get in touch and let me know which one speaks to you and for more information about sizing and prices.

@emmiephoto on Instagram

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