Emma Godfrey

Noah – 1 year – Vevey Family Photographer


Capturing your baby’s first year

I’ve been photographing little Noah since he was just a few months old. Mum, Tania, wanted to chart how much he has changed and our last photo session near Vevey was a great opportunity to catch up with the family. One year baby photo shoots are always completely different because children develop at such different speeds. Noah still had his charming smile and ability to make us all laugh. He was just starting to walk with help and was endlessly curious. We took advantage of a beautiful spring morning to play on the beach, throw pebbles and have a mid morning snack!

Personalised family photography

I don’t have a ‘formula’ for taking portraits of you and your family. I like to get to know you and adapt my style to reflect your personalities. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a family will like the more classical images or something more candid so I always make sure to talk to my clients and to capture lots of different types of images in our first session. After that I have a much better idea of what the family want from their photographs. 

Tania and her family are always laughing and I just love the interactions between the three of them – sometimes loud and full of life, sometimes quiet and contented. Knowing that we will be creating an album at the end of our multiple sessions, I make sure to capture different details and expressions that will tell a story. 

Multiple session photo shoots

Multiple session photo shoots are an important part of my portrait collections. They gives parents the chance to capture their family at different stages in life or doing different activities during the seasons of the year. A great choice for mums-to-be to capture that amazing first year of your baby’s life. It is also a good choice for older families and can be spread over two years.

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