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Princess of the Picnic | 6 months


Baby summer shoot timing

As the sun gets higher and stronger in the sky my clients are delighted with the beautiful weather and I’m thinking fondly of soft winter light! The sky may be blue and the sun shining but summer shoots for families can be a juggle. The best time for the light is first thing in the morning or early evening, which in June in Switzerland means 8:30 am or 6:30 pm. Not necessarily an ideal time for a young child & tired parents. Sometimes the best thing to do is to find some cool shade and a beautiful background. This was exactly what we did for Alya’s 6 month baby shoot.

Accessorise your shoot

Müge wanted to do an outdoor, picnic-style photo shoot and so had collected together some simple props as well as some of Alya’s favourite toys. Against the background of flowers in the Parc de l’Indépendence in Morges the final images have a classic, timeless feel. The bright colours and energy, for me, are perfect for this little family. So full of laughter and joy and clearly enjoying spending time together. 

Having some favourite toys on hand is always a great help at this age. Providing there is something new to look at or touch (or chew!) we can usually last for almost an hour. Timing the shoot between naps and meals also helps, and I always suggest snacks – for everyone!

Photo shoots at home

Having just put together Alya’s first year album I really noticed the difference it made to have all the shoots in and around the same location. We shot mum and dad’s civil wedding at the Hôtel de Ville and their couple photos in the park, as well as at their home. Then again for maternity, newborn, 6 months and one year. As well as the changing seasons it was really nice to see the place changing with the people, lending a wonderful consistency to the story of their lives over the last couple of years. 

I love to photograph new locations, but after seeing their album I would recommend a home-based first year to any family. I can’t wait to share it with you.

For Alya’s baby photo shoot I tried to keep things simple for her parents. We stayed near to home and concentrated on a bit of quality family time which rewarded us with wonderful expressions from little Alya and memories to cherish for mum and dad. Her 6-month photo shoot took place in the park in Morges with a few favourite toys and some exploring.

Alda’s parents chose a maternity and baby’s first year photography collection, with a newborn, 6 months and 1 year session. They opted for a Storybook album collection with a selection of high resolution files to download and keep. If you would like to find out more about baby photography in Switzerland, please get in touch for collection pricing and availability.

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