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Autumn Family Photo shoot | Geneva

A mother and father play with their two children in the autumn leaves.

Autumn leaves

I felt the first crunch of dried leaves beneath my feet today. The sound is almost as evocative as that of the first snow creak underfoot. Autumn is not quite here yet but it reminded me of this wonderful autumnal family photo shoot in Geneva. Looking through the images to select some for the blog I was reminded of the smell of piles of leaves and the cold chill in the air. Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons. It is as if you can feel the world turning, time passing by and life changing.

Family Sunday

With two young, active children I had suggested to L that we approach the photo shoot as a Sunday afternoon in the park as a family. This way the kids don’t get too bored posing for the camera and are happier to sit still for a few seconds to get the more classical family portrait. The types of images I can capture are also very different to anything you might be able to get yourself, and it means both mum and dad can also be pictured.

L brought along a rugby ball and a couple of toys but to be honest we had the most fun playing in the giant piles of leaves that had been raked up on the edge of the grass. They were so enormous the kids could completely bury themselves!

Ordering prints

It is not often I get a request for prints nowadays. The trend is to ask for high resolution files and then print at home. So it was a delight to be able to put together an ‘old-fashioned’ set of prints for L, who wanted to make her own album. 

I offer a number of different print options – all printed in a professional lab – and about any size you can think of. For special prints I recommend a ‘fine art’ print which is printed on heavyweight, slightly textured cotton paper and is wonderful for both colour and monochrome images. As L wanted to make a more traditional album, we opted for a large set of lustre photographic prints and a couple of enlargements to give as Christmas presents.

L chose a relaxed family photography session in Geneva capturing a typical Sunday afternoon. We spent just under two hours together playing with the children and allowing them to become used to the camera. After the session L chose a selection of different sized photographic prints from my professional photo lab to give as gifts for Christmas.

I offer a wide range of different family photography collections in Switzerland. Whether you would like prints, canvases, albums, cards or downloadable high resolution files I can help you find the perfect gift for your family. If you would like to book a family photo shoot, please get in touch for collection pricing and availability.

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