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Family Photo Shoot | Villars-sur-Ollon


Spring in the mountains

Outside the last spring snow is melting and the irises are starting to peek up through the dead leaves. There is a warmth in the air that suggests spring is on its way. Like the rest of the world I feel as if I am just waking up from the winter and ready to start shooting some fabulous family photos. We are so lucky to have an extended spring, as the flowers start coming up in the valley and then way up on the hill late into June. This family shoot took place on a gorgeous May afternoon with the sun shining and snow on the mountains.

A picnic in the sunshine

We pull up at the aptly named Pré Fleuri in Chesières just as the school day finishes. In the car, Arthur is giggling away in smart clean clothes. As we go into the playground to try to find Samson, James turns and tells me to get my camera ready, there is always a big reunion even though he’s not been away from his parents for long. We finally find him in the corridor and he bounces up to his papa, speaking too quickly about everything he’s done, seen and said all day. “We’re going to have a Pic-nic,” he tells anyone who will listen. But first a quick wardrobe change. While Samson changes in the car, Emiko effortlessly lifts healthy Arthur onto her hip and we head out to a beautiful field of spring flowers with views over the Alps. Sadly, the Rays are leaving Switzerland this year and we want to make sure that they have some idyllic memories to take away with them.

Simple family photographs

The shoot is relaxed and very easy going. Samson obligingly climbs the tree while the picnic is readied and is more than happy to pretend to be a monkey for me. A quick bite to eat, with some amusing attempts by Arthur to eat strawberries, and we set up some more traditional family portraits. With plenty of little details to add to the atmosphere and engage the boys, I hope to have captured some special moments for them. This is clearly an incredibly loving family, easy in each other’s company and in whose company one feels a part of their special bond.

Emiko and James chose a very simple and easy family photography session in Villars-sur-Ollon to capture a typical afternoon together as a family. As Arthur was still so young, we kept the session short, spending about an hour and a half in one location. To keep things natural we let the kids play and eat, just as they might on a family outing.

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