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A bride’s guide to wedding preparation photos | Inspiration


Everyone is different and it is one of the things I love the most about portrait photography. Trying to capture the different parts of someone’s personality is a constant challenge and I think that wedding photography is no different. So what can you do to make your wedding preparation photos fit with your style and personality? Here is my bride’s guide to wedding preparation photos, choc full of inspiration to make your wedding photos unique.

Wedding preparation photo bride jumping on bed

All about me

Let’s be honest, the wedding day morning is probably one of the few moments in a girl’s life where she take a couple of hours and let it be completely and utterly all about her. Pick a beautiful place with gorgeous light, put on your favourite tunes, pour some champagne and relax. Surround yourself with your favourite people or have some alone time to savour the moment. Whatever you want to do, I can capture it. One of my favourite bridal preparation moments was chatting to a bride who told me that so was so excited she just wanted to bounce on the bed. We looked at each other and I said, why not?

Girl Squad

If your first act after saying yes was to get your girls together in a wedding action plan what’s app group, then the wedding morning is all about your girl squad. Get those matching gowns, order up breakfast and let the feminine rule. The biggest risk with lots of people in the room is clutter, put your most obsessive bridesmaid on declutter duty so that you don’t have to think about it. Ask your girls to get ready first so that they look fabulous as they help you into your dress, jewellery and shoes. Make sure to leave time in your plan for bridal party photos. These can be fun and spontaneous without being posed and give you the benefit of moving around in your dress before leaving so you can fix anything that might be uncomfortable.

Wedding preparation photo bride girl squad

Classical beauty

For the romantics among you, why not book a room at your venue or hotel for the bridal prep. Pick somewhere with lots of natural light and some atmosphere of the place. The Grand Hôtel du Lac in Vevey is one of my favourites for this style. It’s stunning pastel blue rooms make for magazine worthy images and will make you feel like a princess. Plan ahead and visit the room before the day, let the hotel know what you are looking for and maybe even take your photographer along for their opinion. The best room in the hotel might not be their top suite or perfectly suited to your style.


Bohemian spontaneity

Stilettos make your feet hurt just thinking about them? For the barefoot bride pick somewhere you can feel the grass or sand beneath your feet. Get ready at home or a friend’s house. Think about setting something up in the garden, both your makeup artist and photographer will love you for it! Can’t get outside? Fill your room backdrop with plants and nature. Set up a backdrop that tells a story about who you are as a person, or who you are as a couple. Hang up your dress and have all the details ready to be part of the tale.

Simple but perfect

You don’t need a huge budget to get great wedding preparation photos. It’s sometimes easier to get ready at home. To make the most of the space think about which room has the best light for makeup and photos. Try to declutter or hide some of the less attractive elements like alarm clocks and wires. If it’s not possible, ask your photographer to take neutral backgrounds so the images can be about you and your family rather than the place. Plan a special ‘reveal’ moment by asking everyone to leave the room while you get into your dress, then capture their reactions as you reveal the finished beauty.

The real happy madness

Or just don’t worry about it! If your life is full and messy, just go with it. I loved shooting Joanna’s wedding preparation photos at their holiday home in Alpe des Chaux. The space was too small, too cluttered and there were so many people and children trying to eat, dress and organise. Yet it was perfect. It felt like the madness of life with Joanna sitting by the window happily co-ordinating and organising. Almost serene against the mountain backdrop.

Wedding preparation photo hair and makeup

Wedding preparation planning

Planning a wedding and looking for someone with lots of experience and ideas? I like to make my wedding photography all about my couples. So get in touch to start planning your wedding photography in Switzerland.

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