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Wedding exit to bubbles | Story of the photo | Temple de Commugny

Bubbles and raindrops

The clouds had been gathering all day and the sky drawing darker. Midway through the church wedding ceremony at the Temple de Commugny the thunder cracked. The rain began to hammer down. It reminded me of my own wedding where something similar happened. And I remember not minding, just hiking up my dress and carrying on. One of the things I love about this particular wedding exit to bubbles picture is that it is unexpectedly perfect.

Wedding exit to bubbles

The story

A few brave souls ventured out into the rain with umbrellas for the wedding exit but most people clustered around the door. The storm was passing by and the sky had brightened. With everyone so close together I was lucky that the staircase to the organ was on the outside. I could climb up above the wedding exit and capture people’s face. As the bride and groom came out of the church, their guests began to blow their bubbles.

I couldn’t have designed the cluster of people better. They turned their faces up into the light so we can see them clearly. The bubbles were caught against the dark of the clothes and picked out by the light from the side. The result was a series of wedding exit to bubbles photos that capture the moment as well as many of the guests. I chose this one, in particular, to share because of the little baby who is entranced by the effect of the bubbles caught in the small space. She watches silently as the fall all about her.

Finding the moments

Images like this are rare at weddings. Sometimes the planning and coordinating of so many people can get in the way of natural moments. I would have never thought to ask people to gather together so closely in this small space but it works so perfectly I will keep it in mind next time I see bubbles for the wedding exit.

I hope you enjoy this new set of blog posts telling the story of one photo each time. We will leave this happy couple dodging the raindrops. Check out more from their wedding day in Bossey and Coppet and their stunning Lavaux engagement photo shoot.

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