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Covered bridge engagement photo | Story of the photo | Wettingen

A Swiss covered bridge

For their engagement shoot, Taoyi and Christoph chose the Klosterkirche (Wettingen Abbey Church) and nearby river. The shoot also allowed us to scout locations for their wedding first look and couple photos. As they were getting married in the Klosterkirche, we ventured a little further afield for the engagement shots. To get down to the river we had to cross a covered bridge. These are very typical of Switzerland but often difficult to incorporate into photographs without looking like touristic snaps. For me, this particular covered bridge engagement photo captures some of the essence of the bridge but also focuses on the couple.

The Story

We see a couple glowing in the light with a wooden structure behind them. It could be a church with a small stained-glass window. It could be an old house. Moments before I had been helping them relax in front of the camera by asking them to do silly things like dance and spin. Here I have caught them in a moment of complicity. They have forgotten the camera and are just enjoying being and laughing together. The focus is back on them and away from their surroundings. But we can still see the structure of the building and I think it captures the atmosphere of the covered bridge. On a hot summer’s day, walking onto the bridge is like a natural air conditioning. The air is cooler and the light softer. It brings back so much more of the sense of place than some of the wider shots. And, essentially for me, it is all about the two of them for a moment. Something that can get forgotten in the beauty of the places we visit.

Balancing people and place

It can sometimes be a fine balance between capturing the people in front of my lens and the place that they want to be remembered in. The natural beauty of Switzerland can work against me sometimes. I want to be able to capture both the person and how they are now, as well as the place and the landscape. So, I aim to work both wide and close in to try to give a variety of shots to choose from.

I hope you enjoy this new set of blog posts telling the story of one photo each time. We will leave Taoyi and Christoph on their covered bridge, laughing forever. Click to see more of their engagement shoot and wedding in Wettingen. Or have a look at some more Story of the Photo posts below.

Covered bridge engagement shoot in Wettingen

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