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Engagement shoot near Fribourg | A little piece of Zen | Abbaye de Hauterive


Zen and the art of relaxed engagement photos

All set for their wedding later in the year, Julianne and Cyrill booked me for their engagement shoot near Fribourg. They chose the Abbaye de Hauterive for its calmness and an early weekday evening to be sure of some privacy.

The main aim of the shoot was to help them both feel comfortable in front of the camera. They were a little bit worried about being the centre of attention for the day. So, my plan was to help them feel comfortable in front of my camera and all the others that would be pointed in their direction on the big day. They planned to choose a small selection of images as hi-resolution downloads to print at home.

A Zen engagement shoot by the river

Around the abbey, all that we could hear were the birds and a few cows in the farm. It was perfect for putting any nerves to rest and allowing the couple to relax. We started with a few pictures around the abbey. To help Julianne to find pictures that she liked we chatted about the different kinds of light and poses. I don’t often spend a lot of time showing the images on the back of the camera but as the aim was to alleviate any fears I was very happy to do so. Everyone can feel a little uncomfortable being the subject of a photograph. I am terrible! I never have my eyes open and it takes my long-suffering husband days to get a new headshot that I like.

We walked on from the abbey and followed the little path through the wood. Stopping only to have a little first dance practice silliness for some natural laughing shots of two people in love.

As we approached the river, we heard screams of delight, one of Julianne’s favourite childhood picnic spots was being enjoyed by some brave lads who were jumping off the bridge into the Sarine. “Is it cold?” I asked, and they nodded, shivered and grinned! The river brought out the English in me and I managed to convince Julianne & Cyrill to have a paddle before we headed home.

Why book an engagement shoot?

Julianne and Cyrill used their engagement shoot to get comfortable in front of the camera. They chose a quiet spot in nature so as to not be watched by passers-by. They chose their favourites from their engagement shoot near Fribourg to download and print at home. I loved catching a glimpse of a few prints while shooting the wedding preparation pictures in their home later in the year.

It is nice to chat with clients about what they like in an image and what they don’t. I want to capture the best of you and so value your feedback. Julianne and Cyrill were great because they offered opinions but also trusted in me enough to try things and then look at the results. Being photographed by a professional is a very different experience to being photographed by friends and family. I like to think it can help you see yourself in a new way, through my eyes.

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