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Reading stories to a 6 month old | Story of the photo | Lutry

Stories by the lake

This photograph of little Winston at 6 months old shows him sitting with his parents by Lac Léman. I love it because it shows him interacting with the pictures in the book and sharing this moment with his parents. One of the wonderful things for me about my ‘Baby’s first year’ sessions is seeing the changes that happen in this very special first year. By 6 months, babies are really starting to explore the world and their expressions are priceless.

Parents read to 6 month old baby boy on shore of Lake.

The Story

I always think it is important for children of all ages to have something to do on their photoshoot. Just going out to take pictures can quickly become boring for everyone. For Winston we had some interesting places to explore and then settled down by the lake to play and read. One of the things I loved about this shoot was that both mum and dad were keen to read the words but Winston, in true 6-month old style, took as much enjoyment from turning the pages as anything else! Images like this are just as important to me as getting the classical ‘everyone-looking-at-the-camera’ moment. When I look back through old family albums I love those images where I’m playing with my parents or my brother.

Everyday moments

The importance of capturing everyday moments. No matter if they are recreated, I love to shoot the moments that will remind you of this time in your life together. Storytelling in images can be just one image or a series.

I hope you enjoy this new set of blog posts telling the story of one photo each time. We will leave this lovely little family reading by the lake, spending some wonderful time together. To see more baby shoots from my baby’s first year session, check out the links below.

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