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Autumn family photos | Vufflens-le-Château castle and woods | Pablo 6 months


A 6-month baby shoot at home

For Pablo’s second baby photo shoot of the year, Carolina chose to combine at home photos with a part of the session outdoors. Even though it was November, she wanted to capture the charm of Vufflens-le-Château. The vines had turned yellow and the forest was full of colour. Just a short walk from the family’s home was a glorious view of the castle.

Carolina wanted images that she could use in Pablo’s first-year album. A combination of the three shoots the family had booked with me, the album needed to incorporate portraits, details and candid moments. As they were also looking for a place to settle, they wanted to capture all the places they stayed along the way. Our first shoot, when Pablo was just 20 days old, was in central Lausanne; our final shoot would take us to Yens.

The photography session started at home. We explored some different locations in the house. Taking portraits in Pablo’s bedroom and family photos in the living room. Carolina didn’t want overly posed images so was happy to go with my suggestions for more natural photos. Pablo was great fun, so inquisitive and happy. With just the help of a balloon, we were able to capture some tender moments between him and his parents, which felt just like everyday family time at home.

A family walk to the castle

After wrapping up warmly, we headed out to the forest behind the house. It was quite a dark day, but the aim was to work quickly and end up on the hill where there was a great view of the castle. As we walked, Pablo was entranced by the leaves; so we stopped in a couple of locations where the light and colours were magnificent.

Up some steep wooden steps alongside the vines, we found a spot to lay out the blanket and shoot some possible images for a large canvas. The aim of the image was to show the family from behind looking at the view. The colours and soft light made some really unique pictures that would look great on canvas.

Outdoor baby photo shoot in autumn

When you have a young baby, it can be difficult to imagine how we might take pictures outside. My approach to the photo shoot, especially as the weather gets colder, is always to combine indoor and outdoor time. Think carefully about how you would like to use the images. Carolina knew precisely what kind of image she wanted to put on her wall, so it was easy for us to coordinate to capture it. If you’re not sure, then ask. Show me the space you have available and the colours you would like to include, and I can make a suggestion. For large canvases, I recommend concentrating mainly on the background landscape and then placing the family within the frame.

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