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Get ready for your winter photo shoot | Tips for brides and mums


Magical wedding photos in Zermatt

Magical wedding photos in Zermatt

Plan the perfect snowy photo shoot

With the first snowflakes falling yesterday and the first fire of the winter, what better time to share some of my top tips for a winter photo shoot. Whether you are planning a winter wedding and need to make the most of the short days or a family photo shoot in the snow, this advice will get you ready for the perfect winter photo shoot.

Dress for the weather

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? But sometimes we begin to worry too much about how we might look in the pictures and not enough about how cold it is. For winter photo shoots in Switzerland, warm boots and sock are a must. Anything involving snow and you do not want to be stood out in a pair of trainers or stilettos. If a particular pair of shoes is crucial to your look, be sure to bring some snuggly snow boots with you so we can do a quick change without the risk of frostbite!

For kids especially, shoes should be waterproof. Having pictures taken outside in the winter is cold enough without the added discomfort of wet feet or hands. If you are using skiwear, be conscious of bright colours. If you can’t get rid of those luminous yellow stripes, then make them part of the look. In the snow, the bright colours can look great.

A big coat is also a must for adults and children – and brides! We don’t necessarily have to shoot with you in it – although I love a fluffy faux fur hood – but it will keep you warm in between shots or locations. When you feel cold it shows in the pictures, no matter how beautiful your smile.


Props and toys make for a fun family shoot in the snow.

Props and toys make for a fun family shoot in the snow.

Plan to be flexible

If your date is fixed by a wedding ceremony or family holiday, then being flexible in terms of timing can make the most of your shoot. For weddings, I recommend scheduling essential events later in the day so that we can make the most of the daylight. Consider a first look to leverage a great location and enjoy the romance of meeting each other under snow-laden trees.

For family shoots in the snow, plan to have the day out. I always recommend locations with a buvette or restaurant so we can take a break to warm up and revive the troops. Plan in some sledging, family skiing or building a snowman and get the kids excited before you head out. The photos can be just something that happens while you have fun together.

Prepare for a whiteout

Weather in the mountains changes quickly. Unless you can schedule your shoot in the week and can be really flexible, those blue skies and perfect views might not be possible. Don’t despair! The winter is beautiful even in a whiteout, and the light is fantastic. If we can’t have long vistas, then we’ll head to the trees for adventurous explorer style shots. If it’s snowing, then we’ll get snowflakes on eyelashes and a real feel of winter. There is always a way to make the most of the day, just image lots of variations of your winter photo shoot.

If you would like to find out more about my winter photo shoots, please get in touch for more information and to discuss your ideas.

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