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What to consider when offering a photo shoot as a gift

A photo shoot can be a wonderful gift to offer for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. To make sure that you and your family or friends make the most of what a photoshoot experience has to offer, I have put together some tips for what to consider when offering a photoshoot as a gift.

1. Will the recipient like my style? You might love the way I take pictures but it is always worth checking whether your loved ones feel the same way. My style is very natural and some people prefer posed, traditional images. I also love to shoot outdoors and at your home, some people prefer the simple backgrounds of a studio.

2. Will they have time for a shoot? If you are not booking for a particular event or date, it is worth checking that the couple or family will be able to make time in their weekends or holidays to book a date. My gift vouchers are only valid for one year from purchase. Sometimes the recipients of the gift are not as excited about the shoot as the giver and don’t get in touch to book.

3. Will it be a surprise or a present you discuss beforehand? I always think it is best to chat with the recipient first about the possibility of booking a photoshoot. This way you can explain why you want to give it and why it is such a great present. Your friend may have never considered having their photos taken professionally and not understand how different the final images are from everyday pictures.

4. Will they be happy to sign a contract? All my clients sign a contract before the shoot. If you want to look at this before buying a gift voucher, I am happy to send a draft.

What to include in your photoshoot experience?

For portraits, I offer a number of different collections. I normally advise gift certificates to cover the full amount for one of the collections, this way your friend doesn’t have to pay anything themselves. If you have chatted with them beforehand then do discuss what they might like and if they would want to contribute something to add more sessions or to buy an album. For new mums, a gift certificate is a great way of clubbing together for a great baby shower present. Or for a newly engaged couple, how about the wedding photography they’ve always wanted. I’m always happy to chat about what I offer and how it works to both of you so you can make the best choice for what you want.

Gift a photoshoot with Emma Godfrey Photography

I offer all of my portrait and wedding photography collections as gifts that you can purchase for friends and family. I also offer simple gift certificates of CHF 100 and above. All the gifts are valid for one year of purchase. For multiple sessions or weddings, the first session must fall within the year of validity. If you are just contributing towards the photoshoot and not buying a collection, I also like to have a conversation with the recipient beforehand so that they understand how the costing works. You will receive a pretty voucher, either in the post or to print at home, which details the collection or amount and the expiry date.

How to book?

Get in touch via email to discuss gifting a photoshoot and I will take you through all the things you need to know and to check. Don’t worry if it’s a last minute gift, I can always send you something to print out at home or send via email.

A 1-year-old baby girl enjoying her first birthday shoot and cake smash.

A 1-year-old baby girl enjoying her first birthday shoot and cake smash.

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