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Dream-like couple portraits on your wedding day

Dream-like couple portraits on your wedding day

Dream-like couple portrait

This image from Ariella and Chris’ civil wedding pictures at the Château de Rolle is one of my favourite couple portraits. It was actually an image that I didn’t think would work when I shot it but that was utterly transformed in the editing process afterwards. The simplicity of the image really captivates me. Even though it was taken in a picturesque location, there is a sense that it could be anywhere. The way I was shooting meant that the water looks as if it is really far away but the bride and groom are in perfect focus. It has the feel of an image taken with a toy camera but no ‘filters’ were applied. It appears as if they are walking out of a dream.

The Story

Ariella and Chris chose the Château de Rolle for their couple portraits after a civil ceremony in Morges because they were moving away from Lac Léman after the wedding. They loved the lake and castle and wanted to include them in the backdrop of their photos. We spent some time taking pictures around the castle in the shade as the light was very strong and bright. Then, as we walked towards a small jetty near the island, I saw this simple background of just lake and the faint mountains. If I have time on a shoot, I will always try something a little different not knowing if it will work. Here I asked the couple to walk towards me slowly, coaching them on the best way to walk for natural looking photos. I pushed my camera to the limits of what I knew it could do, making sure to capture just enough information in the luminous background to be able to play with the raw file in editing. We didn’t spend long on the sequence and carried on to some safer shots that I knew would work.

Back in the office, editing, I was able to keep the colours and sharpness of the couple while pulling the background in just enough to give a feel for the brilliance and shimmering water. The wide aperture and long lens then worked their magic to give it that toy camera feel without any more intervention from me.

Taking a moment to do something different

I think it is always worth having an open mind when going in to any photo shoot. Knowing that my clients choose me because I can find an unexpected moment in among the ones they knew they wanted, gives me the courage to ask them to do something different. Often I won’t explain what it is I am trying to achieve – in case it doesn’t work! But sometimes I know that a couple is looking for something more remarkable that your average wedding photo, and then it becomes a wonderful collaboration.

To read more about the story behind some of my favourite photos, check out the links below or visit the Story of the Photo page. If you would like to do something different, however wacky or mad it might seem, get in touch to chat about making it happen.

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