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Time at home with your newborn | Amalia 11 days old | Geneva


Amalia’s mum and dad booked me to capture some natural moments of the two of them spending time at home with their newborn baby. They wanted some portraits and family photos of this special time. As they became more comfortable in front of the camera, we talked about the funny things babies do, all those unexpectedly cute faces. They asked me to capture yawns, the Churchill face while Amalia was being burped, breast-feeding and changing. These are all the moments that you remember but never have photos because they need you as a parent to be present. I love it when parents trust me enough to photograph their everyday moments at home. This is something that, as a professional family photographer, I can do better than your iPhone! I spend my days looking and watching, and I see like the camera lens.

Discovering the beauty of becoming a parent

The shoot started, as many newborn shoots do, with this being the one morning that a wonderfully well-behaved baby refuses to co-operate. As I tell all my new parents, this always happens, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Babies are susceptible to their parents’ moods, and even just a little natural apprehension, will come across. After lots of cuddles and jigs around the apartment, Amalia settled, and we started with some relaxed family portraits.

We paused for a feed and a cup of tea, and mum asked me to capture some breastfeeding pictures. I love it when parents let me capture these intimate moments. They are so crucial to what it means to be a parent—and mum in particular—in the first weeks, that I think it is a shame not to have a memento. We interspersed more styled portraits with natural pictures of Amalia in dad or mum’s arms. These are always my favourite. I think there is no better picture of your baby that the one where they are safe within your embrace.


I always book a full day for newborn photo sessions. This leaves me plenty of time to get to your home and allows the shoot to run at whatever pace you need. All my new mums have to feed at least once, change at least once and have one or two moments where they just need some time alone with their baby. This is fine. I am happy to make everyone a cuppa, chat to dad, pitch in, chill and read the news or even step out if you need me to. What matters to me is that you quickly don’t think of me as the stranger in your home, but a new friend in whose company you feel entirely at ease.

Amalia’s parents wanted to capture the special time they had at home with their newborn daughter. I set out to capture both traditional portraits as well as lifestyle moments that tell a little bit of the story of their time together, learning something new each day.

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