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Every time I go to a wedding, I feel the emotion of my own wedding day—the glimpses I can remember—but I have no pictures that capture it for me. So something I try to do for each wedding or engagement photo shoot is to capture what it feels like to be in love. It sounds a little corny but with all the planning and stress of organising the big day—worrying about family and friends—it’s not surprising that the thing that started all this gets put in the background. During the day love comes back in waves. This magical wedding couple photo from Corinne and Michael’s wedding at the Château d’Oron is one of my favourites because it combines nature and people in perfect simplicity. It reminds me of how first love feels.

The story

Taking time for couple photos was really important to Corinne and Michael. We had scheduled time for a first look, photos inside the Château d’Oron before the ceremony and a brief walk around later in the afternoon together. We had explored the beautiful rooms in the morning and waited for the light to be on the castle in the afternoon before heading out to get some more environmental portraits. These are the ones that show the location in all its glory. To fit the castle into the frame, we needed to walk through a field towards the forest. It was a gorgeous summer’s day in the late afternoon, warm with a heady smell of grass and alpine flowers. The field was buzzing with life.

I was walking a little behind when I noticed the way the light caught Corinne’s dress. I saw the image immediately in black and white in my mind. We stopped, and I asked them to walk to a spot nearer the forest to sit in the grass. As they strolled hand-in-hand, I began setting the camera and then Michael looked up at Corinne. And I clicked.

Taking time to enjoy your day

Scheduling short moments for themselves during the day, gave Corinne and Michael lots of time to step back from the festivities and really see their wedding day. As well as having lots of photos, I think this helps to have more solid memories of the day. Pausing for photos, leaving your guests, might feel like an indulgence but it also gives a couple time to talk together. In the moments between poses, or when I am at a distance, I can see them laughing at things they noticed, what people have said. They recount the moments not spent together, how they got to the church, and what happened along the way. This is how we remember things by telling stories. I like to hope that my pictures and albums help jog the memories and that my couples keep telling each other these stories for years to come.

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