Dinner & Dancing

If your apéro and reception dinner are in the same location, I will normally take some time out during the apéro to capture all the details of the reception room and tables. Otherwise I will schedule in time to do this before the guests arrive at the reception location. The wedding day can go passed so fast it is nice to have this memento of all your hard work and planning. If you are hoping to have your wedding published as inspiration to other brides it is essential to have all these details to show your style and creativity.

For the rest of the evening, the photography coverage is candid with the goal of capturing the atmosphere of the party. I don’t shoot during the courses – when no one wants their picture taken! But am on hand for all the speeches and activities you have planned. I will co-ordinate with your witnesses or major de table before the wedding day to make sure I know what is going on and when, and keep all surprises a secret.

The last event of the evening is usually the first dance, just after the cake cutting. At this point I will stay to capture some images of people dancing or leave you to party on into the night.