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Photographing the joy of a sunny snow day

The light on a blue sky snowy day in the mountains is incredible. The short days give a softness to the bright sunlight, and the snow reflects back the light perfectly. Under these conditions, I could take pictures all day. However, the unpredictability of the weather in winter means that few families and couples are willing to take the risk on a snowy photo shoot. Christine and Rolando’s engagement shoot in Zermatt was one of these special instants. The couple were keen to have their engagement shoot in the snow on the mountain whatever the weather.

The Story

Christine and Rolando wanted some pictures of the two of them playing in the snow. So, I suggested a snowball fight as it seemed to fit with the dynamic of their relationship. Because Rolando had chosen to change into smart shoes, we were limited to more stationary shots. In addition, I wanted to concentrate on the couple and include the Matterhorn. I got them into position and explained that, as they were quite close together, they might want to deliberately ‘miss’ each other with the snowballs. Thanks to some fortuitous misunderstanding, Christine didn’t press the snow into a ball. As she threw it up in the air, Rolando moved as if to catch, and I was able to capture a shower of snow between them.

Capturing spontaneous moments

With my style of photography, I like to include time for unique moments to unfold naturally. I understand that my clients are not professional models. A lot of people can feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. My goal is to help you feel at ease and capture candid instants. With this in mind, I direct my couples through movements that incorporate poses but also silly actions which are guaranteed to provoke natural reactions and laughter. Moreover, everyone reacts differently, so even my go-to sequences change with each unique couple.

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